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When it comes to hosting, we're no "one trick pony"!

After your data has been processed, you are then ready to start the review process. Many firms are electing to forego the expense of in-house review platforms and, instead, utilize an outside vendor to host their data for review. We are not tied to one single hosted review application so that we might provide our clients with the most up-to-date and ahead of the curve technology available. Our offerings include, but are not limited to: Lexis Nexis FYI Reviewer® & Image Depot™. Your data is hosted at top tier facilities where security is guaranteed. We have developed a channel partner relationship with Evolve Discovery and through this relationship we can now provide some of the industry's best review tools. Below are some details and learning opportunities. Please call us today to learn how we can help you be more efficient and better prepared for your next matter.


ImageDepot is a next-generation on-demand Web-based document review tool. With ImageDepot, your law firm or corporate legal department can leverage the latest review and case management technologies without the added cost of hardware, software or technical support personnel.

Once the data is loaded, lawyers, paralegals and support staff can begin sorting, filtering and reviewing documents in a secure collaborative virtual review environment.

Among the many benefits:

  • Powerful searching, sorting, annotating, tagging and grouping of both native files and images. Create as many custom tags as needed.

  • Easy, secure (SSL encryption), and simultaneous collaboration for all parties without the cost of making multiple copies or creating multiple databases.

  • Access your case documents at home or on the road from any Internet connection.

  • One click production of privileged file reports and other file and review logs.

  • The freedom to print copies of case documents whenever wherever -- including batch printing.

  • A complete audit log of all user and file activities.

  • Hosted in a secure Tier 1 facility managed by Level 3.

Image Depot Document Review Tool Self Guided Tour

Follow these two steps for a self-guided tour of this user-friendly software.

Step 1*: Install the Online Viewer Software
Download and install this browser plug-in software by clicking on the link. The viewer software will allow you to view images in the Online Review Tool. *Requires Internet Explorer (IE) version 5 or greater.

Step 2: Login to the Online Review Tool
Follow this link to open a new browser window and login using the following information. 
Username: ortdemo
Password: demo1

Concordance FYI Reviewer

FYI Reviewer Features & Benefits

  • Built-in Image Viewer: quickly retrieve, view, and annotate scanned images

  • Multi-level tag foldering: group facts by category for quick retrieval

  • Intuitive User Interface: ideal for the uninitiated

  • Streamlined Case Organization: easily find matters and documents

  • High-Speed, High-Performance: built on the tried and true Concordance engine

  • E-mail and E-discovery Repository: quickly review native files

  • Simple Search in the style of the Google™ search engine: perfect for your techno-phobic users

  • Powerful Right-Click Features: utilize all your Concordance favorites from Tally to Send to Excel®

  • Search Multiple Databases Simultaneously: cut down on review time

  • Multi-Select Records, Drag & Drop Tagging: tremendous timesavers

  • Utilize Best-of-Breed Integration: CaseMap®, LiveNote®, IPRO®, Syngence® and more

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